News Festival Lent 2012 News Festival Lent 2012 de News Festival Lent 2012 News Festival Lent 2012 TYPO3 - get.content.right Thu, 18 Oct 2012 13:14:00 +0200 PHOTO CONTEST: WINNING IMAGES This year, the association of amateur photographers Maribor and the organizers of the festival...
First place: Gregor Salobit (Let me entertain you)
Prize: Festival Lent 2013 VIP ticket
Second place: Dušanka Mlakar (The park)
Prize: Fotomedia photography class and workshop voucher
Third place: Aleš Žiberna (Team effort)
Prize: dinner at Cantante café Fourth to tenth place: Aleksander Papec (Fireworks)Radigoj Kozjek (Warm-up summersault)Domen Ulbl (Nostalgia)Sašo Korošec (Lent drums)Karolina Donža (Zombie)Anita Kirbiš (Catch the rhythm) and Kaja Dragšič (From the heart).
More about the contest at .]]>
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NOMINATED FOR BEST EUROPEAN FESTIVAL IN 2012 European Festival Awards published the nominations for best festivals of 2012. Festival Lent was... prestigious list of nominated events in the category Best Major European Festival and therefore qualifies for the European festival Award 2012! Voting will be open until November 7th at The awards will be announced and presented by the European Festival Association (, which is the only European organization solely dedicated to recognizing the contributions and achievements of the event organizers and performing artists at (mostly summer) festivals. Since 2009, the combination of judges and voters has annually decided on the best festivals and performers. Last year, they recorded over 350 000 votes for over 200 nominated festivals in different categories. This year’s awards will be announced at Oosterport Congress Centre, Groningen, Holland, on Wednesday 9th January 2013. In addition, the band DOPE D.O.D. that also performed at our festival at Mladina stage on June 24th 2012, happens to be one of the nominated bands for Newcomer of the Year.]]> Nachrichten Schwerpunkt Fri, 05 Oct 2012 14:28:00 +0200 APPLICATIONS FOR CLASSICAL MUSIC SALON 2013 Chamber ensembles and musicians that would like to perform at Festival Lent 2013 can submit their... Young chamber ensembles and musicians are invited to apply for Classical Music Salon that will take place from June 21st to July 6th 2013 at Festival Lent 2013 in Union Hall and Maribor synagogue. The application should include: • proposed program without a break and no longer than 50 minutes (preferably chamber music, suitable for the summer festival atmosphere and by composers from all over the world)  • name of the ensemble • names of all members • brief biographies of members • few high-quality photos in electronic format • few audio tapes electronic format (mp3 or CD) • contact information (name, address and telephone number) Applicant should list their desired performance date and venue, which will be considered as much as possible. The application should also include technical details in connection with the concert and information necessary for forming a contract. Candidates should send their application by November 30th 2012 to: NARODNI DOM MARIBOR
SLOVENIA or e-mail them to: tina.vihar(at) with the subject: Salon. Priority will be given to candidates that sent their fulfilled application on time as well as young promising Slovene musicians. The chosen candidates will be informed by January 31st 2013. For more information about the tender call 00386 2/229-4014 or send an email to]]>
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FESTIVAL LENT WINS FOUR IFEA AWARDS Choosing from 500 nominees, the International Festival and Events Association IFEA awarded... the International Festivals and Events Association, that includes over 2500 festivals from all over the world (IFEA Africa, IFEA Asia, IFEA Australia & New Zealand, IFEA Europe, IFEA Latin America, IFEA Middle East, IFEA North America), presents the Pinnacle Awards that are dedicated to promoting successful marketing and modern trends in the organization of festivals. At the 57th Annual Convention & Expo at Denver Marriott Tech Center in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. from September 21st and 23rd, Festival Lent was presented with: • GOLD PINNACLE AWARD – in the category Best Event Program for Festival Lent 2012 program brochure • SILVER PINNACLE AWARD – in the category Best Event Website for Festival Lent 2012 website • SILVER PINNACLE AWARD – in the category Best Promotional Poster for Festival Lent 2012 poster • BRONZE PINNACLE AWARD – in the category Best Miscellaneous Printed Materials (single page) for Festival Lent 2012 program brochure Festival Lent 2012 Corporate Design: Didi Šenekar
Website: Technical realization: Agenda Open Systems; Graphic realization: Media Clinic in cooperation with Narodni dom Maribor
Programme booklet and brochure: Graphic realization: Mitja Visočnik; Editor: Boris Črnič; Printing: Tiskarna EUROGRAF More about the awards. Official IFEA notification: 2012 IFEA PINNACLE AWARD WINNERS
IFEA/Haas & Wilkerson Pinnacle Award Winners Announced – Category Order 2012
Category: BEST EVENT PROGRAM (interior 4 or more colors)
Award: Gold: Narodni Dom Maribor, Festival Lent, Maribor, SI Slovenia
Award: Silver: Geumsan Insam Festival, Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do South Korea 
Award: Bronze: Des Moines Arts Festival, Des Moines, IA U.S.A.
Award: Gold: City of Dublin, Dublin Irish Festival, Dublin, OH U.S.A.
Award: Silver: Narodni Dom Maribor, Festival Lent, Maribor, SI Slovenia
Award: Bronze: Burlington's Sound of Music Festival, Burlington, ON Canada
Award: Gold: Boryeong Mud Festival, Boryeong City, Chungnam South Korea
Award: Silver: Narodni Dom Maribor, Festival Lent, Maribor, SI Slovenia
Award: Bronze: Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau, 28th Annual Main Street Days, Grapevine, TX U.S.A.
Award: Gold: The Parade Company, America's Thanksgiving Parade, Detroit, MI.S.A.
Award: Silver: Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Denver, CO U.S.A.
Award: Bronze: Narodni Dom Maribor, Festival Lent, Maribor, SI Slovenia
At this convention, IFEA also presented Maribor with World Festivals and Event City award 2012 in the category Population Level: Under 500 000. ]]>
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EVERY CITY SHOULD BE AWARE OF POSITIVE EFFECTS, CREATED BY BIG FESTIVALS, SUCH AS LENT In the last few days, Maribor hosted the conference of the International Festivals & Events... This year, you had the opportunity to taste and experience Festival Lent for the first time. What was your first impression? I’ve been to Maribor during your festival, about 10 years ago, but it was a business trip and I had to leave soon. So this is my fist Lent experience and I find it amazing how it involves the whole city and citizens. Strolling through Maribor, you can really feel something is happening; people are smiling and are full of new experiences. Local support is the key element of every festival and it is good to see that Maribor and Festival Lent live in each other and with each other. As far as content and organization goes, I feel some of the biggest European festivals can learn from Lent’s organizers, since they are incredibly successful in managing this large event. And they do it with a smile on their face. What could Festival Lent learn from other festivals? How could we improve “lenting”?  It is hard to say because the festival just began and you always need a few days to create the festival spirit. We haven’t discovered any lacks so far and the response of the visitors is positive. Maybe by the end of the festival we would know what could be improved or maybe we won’t’. So far, it looks great! We also must consider that festivals cannot be compared to each other. Certain things are unique to an event and Festival Lent has a lot of those things. Are those events the things that give a sense of cohesion and unity considering the current economic and political situation in Europe and the world? We must distinguish between different types of festivals according to their purpose. Some are designed to strengthen local and regional connection, celebrating common culture and things that connect us on the inside, building identity and bringing people closer.. There are also festivals that combine both elements. We support both kinds, since they all have equally important reason for their existence. On the other hand, we remind about knowing what kind of festival you want to create and who it is intended for. Poorly designed purposes and goals destroy the public identity of a festival. At the moment, there are a lot of festivals in Europe that are trying to create an identity based on tradition and simultaneously connecting culture and creativity. Festivals also develop the political and social thinking about the fact that such festivals do not occur spontaneously, but are the result of hard work and long-term work of people who have decades of experiences. That way, we preserve the identity and culture of an area. However, where such event grows to an extent that it begins to attract tourists, the festival becomes internationally important. How do festivals in Europe adapt to the financial situation? There are less and less sponsors and the visitors rationally decide about attending such events. All festivals had to make some changes to adapt to the situation. The responses were different. Some limited their budgets, others focused on a new audience and sponsors, and some increased their investments in development and promotion. Governments and municipalities also respond differently. Most of them realize that the cultural events are even more important during recession since it allows people to relax and have a break from their problems. In recent years, there is a debate before the beginning of Festival Lent about how it interferes with the daily life of citizens and how they have to adapt during the festival. Are those problems common for all bigger festivals? There's always someone who does not like such events and is disturbed by them. People live by their own pace and when their routine is interrupted, they become irritated. Of course, some things shouldn’t be tolerated, such as aggression, extensive drinking and inappropriate behaviour. These things don’t belong to any festival, be it local or international. Mostly, the biggest problem is simple resistance towards something new. Every city should be aware of positive effects, created by big festivals, such as Lent. We are talking about economic inflow that benefits all employees,  immeasurable and irreplaceable cultural potential of thousands of performers that provide the people of Maribor with an insight into their own and other cultures, and social moment that brings people closer together. Just those three reasons should be enough to make the authorities understand the importance of such festival.  Unfortunately, this is not always enough. Clear and up to date communication with the city and its inhabitants also improves the relationships, as well as respect and willingness to compromise. Some festivals offer free vacation or tickets for people that are disturbed by the festival. As long as the visitors and organizers are open to an agreement and dialogue, there is a solution that benefits both. But when that dialogue is not possible, these people can be a big problem.]]> Nachrichten Mon, 30 Jul 2012 12:54:00 +0200 LENTV - VIDEOS Video clips at Macy Gray
A clip of the concert of the amazing Macy Gray a the Main stage at the Drava river and a short chat with Macy.!/105/macy-gray Mi2
The band Mi2 created a music euphoria at Večer stage.!/145/mi2 Tide
Rockers Tide performed as an opening act at Večer stage.!/144/tide Blood donation LENTV
The crew of Lentv decided to visit the hospital and donated 1,6 litre of blood!!/143/krvodajalska-akcija-ekipe-lentv Sopot
The band Sopot from Bosnia and Herzegovina performer at Udarnik cinema on Thursday, July 5th.!/142/sopot Vid Valič & Denis Avdić: Shock by men!
We visited Rotovž stage, which was sold out, because of the performance ofVid Valič and Denis Avdić.!/141/vid-valic--denis-avdic-udar-po-mosko DJ Dan Mitra
Dan Mitra created a great party atmosphere on Friday, June 30th at Creative Underground.!/140/dj-dan-mitra
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WHAT HAPPENS AT LENT, STAYS AT LENT It seems impossible that Festival Lent came to an end. But it never really ends. It only takes a... Last day revealed disappointment of visitors about the festival coming to an end. But according to the colourful programme of the last day of the festival, we are only taking a long break to build up our strength again. The combination of green city park, beer and vitamin juices invited people to visit Art Camp venue and see the traditional carnival of performers. Colourful faces of children convinced many adults to paint their faces too. All were interested to see the performance of De Propere Fanfare and their bleating sheep. After the sun decided to hide, street performers continued their way to Lent, accompanied by numerous visitors, music and positive energy. At the Main stage, Lucky Peterson playfully scolded one of the visitors that couldn’t catch the rhythm of the clapping. "Are you still with me? Do you like blues? Soul? R & B? Rock'n'roll? Gospel?” offered Lucky. He didn’t stay on the stage long, but joined the audience, chatted with the visitors and flirted with the ladies. The 20th anniversary of the festival was well celebrated at Jazzlent that was shaking to the rhythms of Skatelites. The venue was filled with positive energy, dancing and singing that lasted till the morning light. After the colourful fireworks filled the night sky, the unofficial crazy part of the celebration began and lasted until the next day. Since Lent has many mottos, including 'What happens at Lent, stays at Lent,” it is time to take a break and start preparing for next year!]]> Nachrichten Sun, 08 Jul 2012 20:29:00 +0200 CROWDED AS EVER The beginning of the last festival weekend resulted in crowded venues even after the official... Pankrti. The crowd filled the Večer stage venue in their search for nostalgia or good music. The so-called "first punk group behind the Iron Curtain" provoked the audience, even though they shared the stage with rock veterans Res Nullius. The enormous crowd and rough voices could be heard all the way to the Main stage that also provided the audience with nostalgia and laughter by remembering the film "Montevideo, Bog te video". Music for the film was written and recorded by Magnifico and the Srpski vojni orkestar Stanislav Binički that began their European tour at Lent. Jazzlent also couldn’t avoid the large number of visitors. How could it? Mark Ribot, one of the most unique guitarists and the inventor of dirty sound, decided to start his tour with Los Cubanos Postizos. "I hope you're ready. We will play as long as we can," joked Ribot at rehearsal and warned the audience and the performers. Later, the venue was packed and people were even waiting outside. "I make up for my bad singing by playing," said Ribot, who hasn’t been to Slovenia since the eighties. He says he has many friends here and a rich repertoire of music fans. "Pessimism of intelligence and spirit of optimism," Ribot described the current music situation and also gave advice to young artists. Those who failed to see the legendary Mark Ribot could try their luck at Spiegel tent that was also crammed. The electrifying atmosphere was created by Ana Bezjak, who took the audience on a music journey. The initial spring Brazilian rhythms were replaced by classic jazz songs that spread ideas of love, life and nature across the venue. "It was an honour to be heard and to hear," said Ana and thanked the substitute drummer, who saved the night. And so the “after-programme partying” began. Full venues were filled with a mixture of foreign languages, happy faces and vivid rhythms, which created an opportunity to make new friends and meet old acquaintances. ]]> Nachrichten Sat, 07 Jul 2012 22:11:00 +0200 MANY PEOPLE, MANY IDEAS Street artists from different countries bring with them different themes, interpretations and ways... Donkey took over the square on their stilts and moved the crowd left and right. The main character was a timeless individual that faces obstacles in the search of himself and his happiness. After many battles, the expectations of the society won.  "We don’t have to e afraid of the modern man. Fear is present in happiness, love, and the fear itself. It comes from within and keeps us going," said the performer. Death was followed by his betrayal that seemed impossible a moment before. A donkey is a stubborn individual who is fighting with against windmills. Is it worth it? The courtyard of Maribor at Kneza Kocja street hosted Turks, who performed for over two hours. "The songs celebrate love, history and established traditions," was the interpretation of diverse exotic lyrics, instruments and clothes. Despite the different language, we could see many similarities between the two cultures. Every visitor was offered coffee. The group was replacing the performers Dengbej and changed the show which was fine with the visitors. They travel around Turkey and sing about their tradition. "We’ve been to many festivals but we must say Festival Lent is a ten," they agreed. A theatrical and musical spectacle took place at Leon Štukelj square late at night. "Actually, this is a story of isolated people on the margins of capitalist society. They were joined by others during the recent financial crisis. Today's economy isolates individuals at all levels of life, which results in an explosion sooner or later," said the director of the theatre Buh from Sardinia. Fortunately, the story also includes a collector of those individuals who connected them and created something new. Together, they created a new system in which they deny the modern man as a working machine. Thus, the members gathered different pieces of waste and created new machines that produce energetic percussion sounds. According to the director, such actions mean a "conscious desire, needs and responsibilities of each individual in this world." Strong metal sounds created a positive conclusion that tells us we can "create something new by working together, supporting and respecting each other."]]> Nachrichten Fri, 06 Jul 2012 12:18:00 +0200 MODERN MAN OR MOLIÈRE’S HYPOCRITE? The summer fever is stronger than ever, especially if you are caught between four walls. Street... Molerjada filled the air and marked the beginning of the show. Adaptation of Molière’s comedy is a part of the international project sponsored by French director Jean-Luc Prevost, in collaboration with Ana Monroe Theatre and former ŠUGLA students. The theme is hypocrisy that is still as present as it was 300 years ago. This characteristic goes well with the Slovene stereotype we like to deny and ignore. "I think the society today took a step too far in our country. We pretent nothing is going on and that everything is all right. The reality is far from that,” said Goro Osojnik about the message of the performance. The performance was marked by several characters of Moliere that communicated with the audience. The humorous presentation of accepting and strengthening social values in a social system represent an individual being trapped in a social net. "The audience was great, everyone participated and danced. They all claimed they are diplomatic. It surprises me that the audience always participates in the performance. Maybe they recognize the closeness of hypocrisy," added Osojnik. ]]> Nachrichten Thu, 05 Jul 2012 18:28:00 +0200