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Street artists from different countries bring with them different themes, interpretations and ways of performing. Every night, they talk about common issues and problems that they have experienced.

Relaxed bustle at Leon Štukelj square was interrupted by empty looks and sounds of trumpets. It was a story about strong but impossible love, betrayal, rebellion and the relationship between people and institutions. Street artists of the performance Donkey took over the square on their stilts and moved the crowd left and right. The main character was a timeless individual that faces obstacles in the search of himself and his happiness. After many battles, the expectations of the society won.  "We don’t have to e afraid of the modern man. Fear is present in happiness, love, and the fear itself. It comes from within and keeps us going," said the performer. Death was followed by his betrayal that seemed impossible a moment before. A donkey is a stubborn individual who is fighting with against windmills. Is it worth it?

The courtyard of Maribor at Kneza Kocja street hosted Turks, who performed for over two hours. "The songs celebrate love, history and established traditions," was the interpretation of diverse exotic lyrics, instruments and clothes. Despite the different language, we could see many similarities between the two cultures. Every visitor was offered coffee. The group was replacing the performers Dengbej and changed the show which was fine with the visitors. They travel around Turkey and sing about their tradition. "We’ve been to many festivals but we must say Festival Lent is a ten," they agreed.

A theatrical and musical spectacle took place at Leon Štukelj square late at night. "Actually, this is a story of isolated people on the margins of capitalist society. They were joined by others during the recent financial crisis. Today's economy isolates individuals at all levels of life, which results in an explosion sooner or later," said the director of the theatre Buh from Sardinia. Fortunately, the story also includes a collector of those individuals who connected them and created something new. Together, they created a new system in which they deny the modern man as a working machine. Thus, the members gathered different pieces of waste and created new machines that produce energetic percussion sounds. According to the director, such actions mean a "conscious desire, needs and responsibilities of each individual in this world." Strong metal sounds created a positive conclusion that tells us we can "create something new by working together, supporting and respecting each other."

    22.6.   Freitag23.6.   Samstag24.6.   Sonntag25.6.   Montag26.6.   Dienstag27.6.   Mittwoch28.6.   Donnerstag29.6.   Freitag30.6.   Samstag1.7.   Sonntag2.7.   Montag3.7.   Dienstag4.7.   Mittwoch5.7.   Donnerstag6.7.   Freitag7.7.   Samstag
    an der alten WeinrebeBühne Kunst-CampErlebnispark / Art-CampGlavni PlatzGrajski PlatzHalle UnionHauptbühne an der DrauJazzlentJurčkek-BühneLeon Štukelj PlatzMladina-Bühne X Creative UndergroundPoštna Straße
    Rotovž-BühneSladoLentSlomškov PlatzSpiegelzeltStadtmitteStadtparkStand-Up-BühneSynagogeTrg svobode PlatzVečer-Bühnelebende HöfeSport-LentStraßentheaterFringe events
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